Cosmic pen on star-field.

The Penman of the Blogoverse:

Blog Date: Sometime in the Great Variant Era of 2021

I, Mark Philipson, Captain of the ink ship Penrocket, am on a race against time.

I’m battling demons: there is a history of Alzheimer’s disease in my family. If I keep my mind active I’ll be able to the hold back the dreaded sickness from ravaging my brain. It’s an uphill fight all the way, my quest to fight off the denizens of dementia. With each post or story I publish, I launch synaptic missiles armed with neuronic warheads and keep up a steady flow of content.

Down below are links to my Genre pages. There you’ll find covers, descriptions, and links to internet booksellers.

I have not yet begun to write


Science Fiction

Check out this page if your looking for weird aliens, strange planets, time travel, digital serial killers, asteroid collisions, and futuristic nuclear waste management procedures.


This is where you’ll find divine intention, lost cities, strange powers, origins, controlling forces of nature, organic machines, and fantastic medieval adventure.

Alternative History

Browse stories about raising sunken treasure, different takes on ancient battles, conquest speculation, the beginnings of aerial warfare, fallen angels, and prophets.

Weird Westerns

Drop by to check out stories about the Little Big Horn, dangerous crime rings on the west coast, a werewolf hunt, and a search that leads to a man brought back to life.


Enter a world of zombies, wolf men, bizarre murderers, and erotic monsters.


Here is where you’ll find stories about mistaken identity, ancient and modern quests, big fish hunters, and pandemic blood hunters.


On this page is the story of an infamous outlaw and the man who brought him to justice.

Medical Thrillers

Follow this link to if you’re looking for stories about surgery gone wrong and weird experimental research.

Family Life

The last stop is where stories about dealing with big storms and remote mercy killings are on the shelf.



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