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Cover art for Big Horn Conspiracy title that links to Kindle Store.

The Case of the Big Horn Conspiracy

Where can I get a free copy of Big Horn:

If you’re looking for a free read then jump on over and grab a copy of The Case of the Big Horn Conspiracy for zero dollars and no sense at my distribution channel at the Kindle Store.

When can I get a free copy:

The FREEstivities begin on Thursday, February 11 @ 12:00 AM PST and run through Monday, February 15 @ 11:59 PM PST.

What is Big Horn about:

Big Horn is about a range detective assigned to investigate the massacre at the Little Big Horn River. Government reports indicate discrepancies in what the news media is printing. Wells Fargo volunteers one of its top agents, Jim Hume, to look into it.

Hume meets up with a British secret agent, Cressidia Graham. British intelligence believes the German empire may have had a hand in the massacre.

Jim and Cressidia face outlaws, renegades, and the ancestors of the master race in this action yarn bridging the gap from Alternative History to Weird Western.

Where did Big Horn begin and how did the story evolve:

The Case of the Big Horn Conspiracy emerged from my fascination with James Hume, the law man who captured Black Bart. Hume played a key role in a short story I wrote, Outlaw Poet.

Hume was one of those characters you just want to keep working with. Hume figured in three other eBooks: The Case of the Barbary Coast Pirate, The Case of the Comanche Werewolf, and The Case of the Concocted Criminal.

What tools were used to build Big Horn:


I used Scrivener, a word processing application built by programmers. The interface is designed like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and utilizes different editing screen layouts based on genre and format.

Once I had a completed draft I compiled to the .ePub format and opened the file in Sigil, an ePub editor, for some last minute checks and cleanup.

After an online verification followed by a command line check, I converted the .ePub to a .mobi—the native Kindle format—then uploaded the file to Kindle Direct Publishing.


The cover was built in Photoshop. I found a public domain photograph of Colonel Custer and colorized it. I placed it above a photograph of rolling hills and set a distorted map of the Great Salt Lake—where much of the story takes place—at Custer’s feet.

How do I leave a comment about Big Horn:

Only valid purchasers can leave reviews on the product page at the Kindle Store. Comments on the free download can be made on this blog at the bottom of the post or at the Alternative History genre page on Electric Bookshelf.

One last thing:

I’m closing this blog with a quote from Edgar Rice Burroughs: “If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor.”

By zerppzee

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