First Phase of Production

Story file:

A course to publish a series consisting of three stories has been plotted. The thread binding the yarns is woven. The first installment is on production. It is in a genre that has remained an all-time favorite with me for decades: science fiction noir.

Time travel and master criminals is at the core of plot.

A project file has been created in Scrivener my writing weapon of choice. In this instance, if it were the old days and I were a duelist, the current project would be my preferred three-barreled shotgun. Loaded with folders containing the relevant data designed to carry the story to completion.

Sometimes, I can see my writing escapades being perpetuated on a mobile device. If compiling to an ePub from Scrivener for iOS was on option that would put me one step closer to the goal. My favorite graphics packages—Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are available for mobile. Don’t think this option would eliminate the need for a desktop computer though.

Cover file:

For the cover graphic, a document has been setup in Affinity Designer. In the early stages three art boards populate the file. I’m not sure what the covers set will be at this point. Will probably know more within the next week. The first stone has been cast onto the water and the first ripple is expanding.

By zerppzee

On the next phase.

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