Phase 2

Cover up:

A working cover for the Time Phantoms series has been created. A quick and dirty thing that will be the back drop for each installment. The only changes being the different titles. Save time and effort by reduction of steps. A wise man once said, a former boss, “You only get a certain amount of steps in this life.” Words to write by.

Initially, I wanted to do a warped time space grid thing. It didn’t work out, besides, it looked a bit muddy when zoomed out. Trying to go for cover art that is presentable at icon size. Screen display is critical on the virtual bookshelf.

Forty scenes theory:

On the latest Scrivener podcast, monthly interviews with authors who utilize Scrivener in their workflow, in episode 3, the guest speaker made good use of the outlining techniques: she used a method called 40 scenes. Forty linear scenes, which can be nothing more than a few sentences, are laid out. Main character takes a walk on the beach and finds an old coin could be a single scene. From the scenes, the author crafts at least 2,000 words, her chapter targets.

I use a technique that is similar. There have been three podcast episodes to date. Each one has provided a take away.

By zerppzee

On the next phase.

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