Winds of change:

Twenty-five years ago, owning a two-story town-home was not an issue. I saw the stairs as a physical challenge. Two steps at a time, opposite arms extended while carrying light hand weights. I looked forward to it. A good way to get a steady flow of oxygenated blood to the brain.

Being on a canal was a big plus. One of the first things I did was buy a fiberglass canoe. Depending on wind direction, I’d paddle to a nearby lake or fish the canals behind the homes.

I’ve worn the skin off my thumb more times than I can recall from landing peacock and large-mouth bass.

Our development was tucked in a corner bordered by I-75 to the north and State Road 27 on the west side. The Florida Everglades owned most of the real estate on the perimeters.

A section of the development was dedicated to remaining wild: the mitigation area. The only thing indicating humans had left their mark on the landscape was a sidewalk. A great place to take a stroll and see animals and birds.

Don’t look back:

Times change.

The physical challenge of stair climbing has evolved into low-impact navigating designed to avoid injury. Difficulty in launching my canoe and getting in and out has drawn a curtain on fishing. The sidewalk undulating across the mitigation area hurts my knees. Nature walks in the mitigation area are no longer an option.

We’re pulling up stakes and moving on to the Villages, a 55 plus community. For some reason—could be a recent news broadcast or a current book I’m reading—I want to be among fellow baby boomers.

Another thing I want to do is build a Japanese rock garden in my new backyard. It’s small so it looks doable. Exact measurements will be taken. The dimensions will be scaled. From this, a miniature tray will be built. The features will be added. The small garden will be the model for the main garden.

But wait, there’s more.

An overhead tripod is going to be set up over the small tray. Stop motion photographs will be shot showing the results of the rock raking. A drone will be used to photograph the same changes to the main garden. Sounds like Zen to me.

By zerppzee

On the next phase.

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