Cover art for Sherlock Holmes: Tunguska Analysis showing a space ship viewed trough a magnifying glass.

Tunguska Analysis

Apple Books

Sebastian Hudson and James Wakefield had a good thing going. They were ghost writers for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and were putting together some new material.
That’s when they got a call from the Foreign Office. It was from Agent Tramayne Leighton requesting a meeting. Conan Doyle recommended Hudson and Wakefield for an overseas mission. Hudson and Wakefield were reluctant. When the price was right they accepted the assignment.
After being prepped and equipped, the ghost writers crossed the continent by rail to Moscow. On the Trans-Siberian Railroad the impostors travel to Tunguska, the site of a massive explosion. Czar Nicholas II fears the Japanese military is testing a powerful weapon. The czar is convinced Holmes and Watson are real people and only the master detective and his companion can get to the bottom the incident.
Hudson and Wakefield maintain the illusion while falling into other adventures along the way.

Cover art for Tusk showing a rampaging mammoth.

Apple Books

Thousands of years ago, Sangoot and Lingwata were on a quest to find the bones of woolly mammoths. Today, Janet and Peter are on a quest to find the DNA of mammoth hunters.
From ancient times to modern times, the hunters become the hunted until hunters and hunted meet the same fates.

Cover art for Lion King Fish showing a hybrid fish.

Lion King Fish
Apple Books

Jose Reverendo thought he’d kill some time bagging some lionfish down in the Florida keys. He is an experienced diver and he needs the money.
When Ann Stirling, the head chef at a local bar and grill, offers to be his dive buddy, Joe jumps at the chance. They work in the same resort and he’s been admiring her from a distance for a long time.
Nature takes its course. It goes from the job, to the water, to the bedroom. Joe is in deep.
One day, a tragedy happens on the outer reef. In 48 hours, seven people v have died.
Ann’s boss comes to town with a plan to get to the bottom of the mystery.
Joe gets back on the payroll as big game fish hunter and the stakes just got higher.

Cover art for Lone Star Lockdown showing a man in protective gear over a map of Texas.

Lone Star Lockdown

In the Great Pandemic Era of 2020, the governor of Texas chooses to go with the herd immunity option. This action leads to a federal quarantine. The borders are sealed. One man, Kurt Burnham, wants to do what he can to help his home state. Kurt enlists the aid of Veronica Reardon — photo journalist and Kurt’s estranged daughter — to break up one murderous religious cult and bring back a blood sample from another.

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