Cover art for Ghoul Zone showing a weird eye in crosshairs. .

Ghoul Zone
Apple Books

A deadly plague destroys most of the world’s population. Survivors struggle to stay alive against hordes of reanimated plague victims. A man and wife make their way across Florida, hoping to reach safety in the southern part of the state.

Cover art for The Case of the Comanche Werewolf showing a wolf and full moon.

The Case of the Comanche Werewolf
Apple Books

Jim Hume investigates a grisly double murder. What he thinks will be a routine case quickly becomes a international supernatural manhunt.

Jim learns from British agent Cressidia Graham and demon hunter Dr. Van Helsing that the killer he’s looking for may suffer from the rarest form of lycanthropy known to the Catholic Church.

Van Helsing tells Jim that the Vatican is offering a substantial reward for the head of Bruno Redman, the man believed to be the Dire Werewolf.

Jim joins forces with Kate Boone, an ex-prostitute turned rancher and Elidh Fairburn, a former British agent now Kate Boone’s business partner. The group joins up with wealthy rancher Buck Carlson — an adventurer and owner of a private airship — to end Bruno Redman’s centuries long killing spree

Cover art for Killer App showing a creature coming out of phone screen.

Killer App

A cosmic ray falls to Earth and adheres to a piece of skin. The infused skin merges with a microchip. The chip finds its way into a smart-phone. The device arrives at the home of a drug dealer. DNA from the dealer bonds with digital awareness. Machine learning modules form behavioral patterns. The machine condemns the man to death. Detective Brittany Magnusson is called to investigate and she becomes involved in a bizarre turn of events.

Cover art for Monsterotica showing man becoming a monster.


When the nice young couple lost their home in a wildfire, they ended up in Las Vegas. When a deal for an apartment fell through, they headed underground to join the Mole People living in the storm drains. It was here that they learned the ropes of the tunnels. It was here that Emery and Lucas, the nice young couple, discovered they had a talent for writing erotic literature with a twist of weird. Follow Emery and Lucas on their journey into darkness and beyond.

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