Medical Thrillers

Cover art for Bull-Hearted showing a bull’s head merged with a human heart.


Eddie Karpovich is rejected by an insurance company for medical reasons. Eddie confronts serious medical issues. From Hepatitis C to open heart surgery. After the heart surgery, Eddie’s life changes. There is something about the organic valve taken from a bull and placed in Eddie’s chest that transforms his entire body. Eddie leaves home to find work on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. On his first week on the job the rig is partially destroyed by fire and a hurricane. Eddie goes to Colorado. He confronts the darker side of his animal nature in a series of bloody encounters with his brother, a woman he meets at a local hardware store, law enforcement officials, and local merchants.

Cover art for Slow Ghosts in the Soft Machine shows a wired brain.

Slow Ghosts in the Soft Machine

Tark Wilhelmson is getting older. Fear of Alzheimer’s disease gets stronger every time he forgets where he left his keys. One day he puts his fears aside and decides to do something about it. He becomes involved in a research project made available to the public. The project conducts video studies on the brains of test mice. From there, Tark becomes involved in a medical experiment designed to combat a billionaire’s struggle with Alzheimer’s that ends in murder.

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